Rain is Relaxing

Good morning, buenos dias.

The fall chill is starting to blow over the top of Mt Eden, but this year, I'm not fighting it. Gulp. Gasp. Shock. But seriously, for maybe the first time, I'm welcoming the arrival of crisp mornings and jacketed evenings. It probably has something to do with the summer that has been: full of shrimp tacos, and overnights in the Hauraki Gulf, and laughs and new friends.

But I think, in a way, I'm also laying down my arms. It's coming, whether I like it or not, so what would it look like to just, well, like it? 

Winter has always been a symbolic death to so many of the things I love, and letting that chatter fill the brainspace has stopped me from welcoming the new life it brings. Like the hot room feeling cozy, the refreshed desire to whip up savory stews, and patterned socks. 

In Auckland, winter also brings rain. A slow, sneaky drizzle that usually isn't enough to soak you, but never relents. So it seems appropriate that my new job is working for an umbrella designer: BLUNT. Blunt has reminded me that we always have a choice -- to spin things toward joy or disaster -- and it's way better to go for the joy. Rather than fight winter, what if I could engage it, with the right tools (hello umbrella) and a light heart?

This year, I'm determined to #loveweather. To get cozy, and become a regular at Time Out Books, and remember my kid-self saying to Mom, "the rain is relaxing."